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I’m sorry to say that I can’t make the deadline for the Amazed Challenge of the Robochamps.

Although the deadline has been expanded from Apr 21 to Jun 24, but there are still some technical difficulties that can’t be solved by me so far.

Anyway, it’s really a very good chance for us to learn new things and have fun at the same time. I have gone over some image processing knowledge such as edge detection, learned a new programming language C#, gained some knowledge about robotics programming in a concurrency and coordination runtime, and also have the chance to communicate in a community.

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Has anybody heard of that Microsoft has launched an online competition called RoboChamps ?

The RoboChamps is a simulated robotics league that is open to academics, hobbyists and developers from around the world. And there are some competitions which can be taken by participants by programming some tasks using the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008. And the winners can be awarded some real robots and other prizes.

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MRDS stands for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS) is an Integrated Development Environment that enables hobbyists, academics and commercial developers to create robotics applications. And the applications can be used to a lot of intelligent related areas such as entertainment, educational, home, commercial, or industrial segments. They can be deployed into a variety of platforms including the embedded systems. The latested version of this software is MRDS 2008.

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Welcome to This is my first post. I’ll be sharing my experience and everyone is
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