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Targets of the evaluation :
Studying of the basic display of Backbase library:

  • Widgets : Tab page,Menu,table/grid ,input field
  • Validation, error message displaying
  • filtering
  • sorting
  • paging navigation
  • Events system
  • Behaviors system

Result of the evaluation:
1.It employs an MVC paradigm in client browser, mainly use the tag definition language TDL to control the page in XHTML standard. Each component inside the whole page will be considered as a Widget. It uses the different namespaces to separate the backbase Tag with standard HTML tag, so they can co-exits well with each other.

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Backbase is a very powerful Rich Internet Application javascript library. I’ve conducted some research on the databinding capabilities and I want to share it with those who are doing RIA development.

Databinding Overview

Backbase provides some rich widgets that can be placed in a web page, and they will be

interpreted by a javascript library called ‘Client Runtime’ and rendered into HTML and display

in browser.

Some of the widgets need to consume some external data like ListGrid which will display some

XML or JSON data in browser, the data source of which can be local or remote.

Data binding refers to the process of representing data as an object. This allows our application

to access the data in the XML from the object which is considered as the data source.

We can have a look at a diagram which is from the official documentation of Backbase.

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