I couldn’t wait to tell you guys who are interesting in RIA ( Rich Internet Applications) development that Ajax company Backbase has improved their Ajax library to fully support SMIL ( Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) version 2.1.

That means we can create more interactive and splendid animations using the SMIL language in browser. Because the support for SMIL standard is different from browser vendors, Backbase library encapsulates all the specific implementations for different kinds of browsers. Now we can compose SMIL - enabled content using a consistent and standards based approach. Coding generic cross-browser implementations of animation and transition techniques that deliver smooth 3D-like animation effects is becoming easy for us.

I have created a 3D-like iPhone for me :) , please see following demonstration :

Please click on the individual picture above to experience the 3-D look and feel.
Note : following browsers are supported officially

  • Internet Explorer 6, 7
  • Firefox 3.x
  • Safari 3.x
  • Opera 8.x, 9.x
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