Welcome to the Tamchuen’s Blog.
This blog belongs to Dequan Zhou(Tam Chuen Chow) - a Senior Software Engineer on Rich Internet Application and Web technologies.

This site represents who I am - a rover on the internet, and what I’ll be doing - rambling in cyberspace.

Some of my favorite technologies are called RIA (Rich Internet Application) and Web 2.0, which I want to define as the keynote of my blog.

I’m curious about everything. When I was young, I always dreamt to be a sailor and travel all around the world with my own boat. When I grow up, I realised that I could travel around the world of knowledge with my talent and diligence, and I really enjoy it. I developed a rich web application for exploring the world called Flickr Map, which is an Ajax Mashup of Google Map, Esri ArcGIS and Flickr.

I like reading books, listening to music, sports and video games. Guess what, I’m a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment.

I’m very passionate about technology. Improving people’s living standards by leveraging industrial technologies is one of my dreams.

And following topics are what I’m interested in :

  • Web GIS, Mapping
  • Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0
  • Ajax, Rich Internet Applications
  • iPhone/Android/Windows/Nokia Phone Developement
  • Agile Software Enginnering
  • Multi-Touch technologies
  • Open Source

I’d like to share my techniques and experience with you, please feel free to contact me at tamchuen.chow#gmail.com
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The world is flat and is becoming smaller, it is time for us to explore the full potential of World Wide Web.