The internet giant Google released their new browser product named Google Chrome, which will be considered as a new big challenger for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8. And as we can imagine, a new internet browser war has begun.

This makes me think about the internet browser war that happened between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 10 years ago. Till now, Microsfot IE has gained a very steady and large market share, and Mozzila Firefox has penetrated the territory day by day because of the promotion of Google.

Let us review the data about the market share of the main browsers :

data for explorers

As shown by above diagram, Microsoft IE is the leader in market, which occupied over 72% of the market share. Though it has been decreased by comparing to the 90% 2 years ago. Nevertheless, according to its strong brand base, the newly released IE 8 may have the chance to increase its proportion.

Mozzila Firefox has gained a precious space in the market by the help of promotion from Google. The 19% rate told us that it was a good survivor than the other browser products. And the miracle of amount of download times that was created on the release day of FF3 makes us to give it reasonable expectation.

Apple’s Safari browser has become a new challenger though it took part in this war later than other big guys, which was accelarated rapidly by another brilliant product - iPhone. It employed the webkit core engine which was the same as Chrome. That engine was said to have a very fast speed in rendering web pages. The Apple, who is good at art design and fashion, has made it into a really unique product that is full of elegance. And it is listed as number 3 till now.

Netscape, which was originated from the first browser in the world, has been beated heavily by Microsoft and acquired by American On Line. Now it can only share a small space about 0.74%.

Opera browser is considered to have advanced technology inside it, and has a fairly good speed. But the advertising and promotion is not so good as its technology, so market share is small too.

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