We started learning since we got into this world.

There should be a really initiative experience for us to learn how to speak, how to walk, how to spell and how to ask for something. When we are in our childhood, we didn’t really know how learning works. We just mimicked the body shaking and gestures from our parents, and tried to speak out what they told us to do.

Since we got into the elementary school, we started to have a strong feeling that something needs to be learned by us such as books, games etc in order to share our experience with other people. When we grew up, we had wider and open eyes and tried to do something we were interested in and also learn it on our own even if we were not aware of it.

Junior and Senior high schools may be a tough period for most of us. We should take part in the busy and intense work of learning text books and prepare for both the small and big examinations. Lots of our spare time was spent in reading the text books and make challenges to our memories. We need to face the boring grammar games and lifeless rules all day long. So that’s really a golden period for us to accumulate our knowledge and sacrifice our spare time on learning text books. Eternal examinations and endless homework is the most impressive image when we look back the things we’ve done. We didn’t really know how to learn at this time. We just received the push from our parents and studied the boring and stable rules from books and teachers and stuffed them into our memories.

University life is a good start for our growing and learning. We’ve walked out of our sweety home and started to give whole control to ourselves. We started to know how to arrange our time in an efficiently way, how to communicate our ideas with roommates and strangers, how to say no or yes to the up-coming requests, how to face the intense pressure, how to obtain the knowledge outside of the textbooks and gain motivation. The most important thing that we got from university is learning. We need to live by ourselves and control ourselves, you’ll find almost everything is in your hand. And we’d like to take the opportunities and time to improve ourselves and grow up.

After four years of university life, we finally took the chance of using what we’ve learned in our major in university and talent and knowledge we’ve got from this world. This was a whole fresh experience, especially for those who have chosen Information Technology as their career like us.

In the fast growing informational and digitalized world, nearly everything can be digitalized and utilized by people from any realm around the world. We’ve got the chance to use this technology to change the world, to splash our talent, to improve our life. Learning at this time is about how to recharge ourselves from time to time, how to keep up with the changing technology, and how to stay one step ahead of the new trend.

Just like what Thomas Friedman said in The World is Flat, the world is becoming flatter than ever before because of the globalization. We are now living in a smaller and flat village, technologies and knowledge will be available all round the world. The playing field is being leveled, it’s time for us to dedicate our time and energy to ignite the passion for learning, to obtain the confidence and willpower for learning, and to expand our learning ability.

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