Has anybody heard of that Microsoft has launched an online competition called RoboChamps ?

The RoboChamps is a simulated robotics league that is open to academics, hobbyists and developers from around the world. And there are some competitions which can be taken by participants by programming some tasks using the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008. And the winners can be awarded some real robots and other prizes.

RoboChamps is based in simulation, which means that participants need not to purchase a real robot to take part into the competition. They can simulate the robot behaviours using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008, which means that participants can program their robots using the .NET languages.

The RoboChamps season culminates in an end of season tournament. The top four in the tournament will participate in a finals event, where they will take their simulation code and apply it to real robots. Sounds really exciting !

The first challenge is called AMAZED CHALLENGE, the deadline of which is June 24,2008.
And the first prize is a real robot called CoroBot made by CoroWare. I would like to take the chance to participate in this, and hope can have a little price.

If you are interested in Robotics, you should take a look at the official web site at
RoboChamps .

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