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What is OGC Flickr Map

OGC Flickr Map is a free and excellent web application for exploring sensors and geo-tagged Flickr photos inside a map viewer. You can use it for free by clicking this link. It is an Ajax mashup built by rich internet technologies and powered by following open APIs and toolkits:

The aim of this mashup is trying to integrate Open Geospatial Consortium(OGC) standards with online social networking platforms such as Flickr photo sharing service to provide a great experience of exploring the open geospatial data around the internet! Currently the mashup uses GeoCENS API that implements OGC Sensor Observation Service Interface Standard to retrieve sensors information.

What you can do

  • Show temperature information of an area obtained from sensors.
  • Search photos near the sensor location.
  • Explore the photos around an area by clicking on the map.
  • Search flickr photos with your desired keywords.
  • Auto play the photo list.
  • Show detailed information about a city.

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