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Google has recently announced that their newly launched 3d world Lively will be shut down at the end of this year. It’s a very interactive virtual world in which you can customize the rooms and avatars.

Lively is launched in July 2008, which is said to be a “20 percent” monicker of Google. The idea behind the product is that website owners could customize a virtual room and embed it on their site, and visitors can interact with the web site owner through that little online room.
Users could create customizable avatars with many interactive actions, and chat with each other, and you can also interact through animated actions. Sounds really interesting.

Despite of the rich user experience provided, the application suffered from known bugs and animation failures, which is immature compared to other 3D virtual world engine like Second Life.

From a RIA developer’s point of view, I hope Google can open source the platform and form a really impressive community that everyone can contribute and share in a much more polished way just like Second Life did.

Just have a quick review of the Google Chrome. It has a really simple and concise layout which is similar as Google’s home page. Following is a screenshot of that browser:

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The internet giant Google released their new browser product named Google Chrome, which will be considered as a new big challenger for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8. And as we can imagine, a new internet browser war has begun.

This makes me think about the internet browser war that happened between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 10 years ago. Till now, Microsfot IE has gained a very steady and large market share, and Mozzila Firefox has penetrated the territory day by day because of the promotion of Google.

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