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According to the road map of Microsoft, the time for releasing the Windows Phone 7 SDK is Sep . 16th. Now the Microsoft WP7 developer community has released the RTW version of the developer tools.

The WP7 SDK will help Windows Phone 7 developers to build gorgeous applications, and at the same time provides more feature and performance tuning. This will be of help for the release of WP7 application store at October. The games and application projects that are planned to be completed by October will be finished in a shorter time by developers.

Microsoft upgrades the simulator into the code base of WP7 RTM version released at the beginning of this month, and add the two most important controls in Metro UI: Panorama , Pivot and Bing Maps Control. Microsoft also claimed that applications built by Twitter、Netflix、OpenTable、Travelocity and Flixster will appear in Windows Phone 7 in future.

Besides the release of the final version of SDK, Microsoft also introduced a brand new version of
Advertisement tool and Bing Map, with the purpose of helping the developers to benefit from their WP7 applications and improve user experience.

The Windows Phone 7 Developer tools RTW can be downloaded from here.